Omnia arhing

About us

We are...

organized people with high creative imagination with research skills in design and building technology ready for break through boundaries of any conceptual frame..

Working methods

Our mission is focused on achieving a better quality of working and living environment.

Our works

Hotel Mond, Šentilj, Slovenia
Villa P, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Le Trai Bleu restaurant, Doha, Qatar
Hotel Moevenpick, Saudi Arabia
Hotel S, Dubai, UAE
Hotel M, Dubai, UAE
Beach resort, Adler, Russia

Sky beach Hotel Perla, Nova Gorica, Slovenia
Caffe Dolce Vita, Hotel Perla, Nova Gorica, Slovenia
Villa Centeroi 3, Russia
Villa H, Moscow, Russia
Palace Qatar, Doha, Qatar
Villa Dubai, United Arab Emirates

ZZR-Bežigrad, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Villa K Moscow, Moscow, Russia
Islamic center, Ufa, Russia
Islamic park, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Lek CMB, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Hotel Mond competition, Šentilj, Slovenia
Restaurant Sabotin, Slovenia

National theatrer, Grozny, Russia
Business premises Gonzaga, Nova Gorica, Slovenia
Administrative building US3 Krka, Novo Mesto, Slovenia

Spa center Grozny, Russia
Restaurant oceanis, Nova Gorica, Slovenia
Competition for National library, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Mosque Shali, Shali, Russia
Competition for night club Hook, Nova Gorica, Slovenia
House Nanos, Vipava, Slovenia
House renovation, Pag, Croatia

and many more since 1981

As an architect you design for the present, with an awareness of the past, for a future which is essentially unknown.